This site was originally conceived as a vehicle for the writing of Joanna “Jody” Ziegler who, among myriad other accomplishments in her life, was at the time Edward A. O’Rorke Professor in the Liberal Arts, and chair of the Department of Visual Arts at College of the Holy Cross. The introduction to the blog, below, was published on September 8, 2010, in the midst of Jody’s struggle to defeat the progress of pancreatic cancer. She was to succumb to the disease a scant 57 days later, on November 4, 2010.

Below is the introduction to the blog she had long intended to populate with thoughts, observations, and other writings of which I found myself privileged to be the chief subject. One entry was uploaded at her behest, only to be summarily removed by her personally within a day. She was to make no further contributions. And I am not privy to whatever notes she may have had on which to base her comments, and provide the springboard she had envisioned and described to me, even before the onset of her illness nearly a year before her death.

I have decided to take up the cudgels, so to speak, but to other purposes. I am chiefly and more broadly interested in matters related to art, much as she was throughout her life, a relationship with this highly regarded (in some respects the most highly) facet of human existence, and I think for her a major component of her raison d’être. Certainly this was true professionally in a singularly and unfailingly distinguished career as a teacher, scholar, and proponent of the value of the visual arts in the lives of everyone who allows them to enter. I would submit that her relationship with the arts also shaped and formed the texture of her daily life, as she lived it, as much to the full as she was capable until the last few weeks of her life, spent in hospice.

Henceforth, this will be a blog by me, and I hope to restrict my contributions to the nominal subject, but in every aspect that seems to bear upon that broad and venerable preoccupation.

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you elect to contribute as you see fit, if only with a comment as it wells up within you in response to what I hope are positive additions to your life.

—Howard Dinin, 16 December 2012, Merion Station, PA

Immediately below is the original introduction to this blog as it was envisioned:

Art Long is a blog that mainly concerns matters of art and philosophy originally inspired by study and examination of the work of Howard Dinin. It is written, in the main, by someone who has studied his work closely and who has an ongoing significant association with the artist. The blog will, naturally, pursue other subjects insofar as consideration of the work raises larger issues—not only related to art and photography, but to broader philosophical concerns. It also will contain reflections, feelings, and insights highly personal to the main contributor.

Readers are invited to register, and to participate by recording their thoughts and reactions in the form of comments. From time to time, guests will be invited to publish entries that are relevant.

It should be noted that not all authors will necessarily be identified, including the chief writer. Contributors providing comments are free to identify themselves. Information about specific authors of blog entries may be made available upon request of the administrator. It should be noted that Howard Dinin, who is the acting administrator of the site, may from time to time submit comments and his own blog entries. These contributions will always be identified as such.