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“Art is not intrinsically therapeutic…”

Art is not intrinsically therapeutic. It doesn’t always allow us to rise above. Instead, it can be an immersion in products of self-expression that mirror our troubles back to us so that we see them metaphorically, but still glaringly. Then it’s a matter of what we do with the information, what we make of it. We can turn away again, re-repress what we’ve inadvertently discovered, or try some means of assimilation.

— William Todd Schultz, An Emergency in Slow Motion: The Inner Life of Diane Arbus, New York, 2011. P.27


Hello everyone!

Welcome to Art Long, a blog with a history… but only newly published. In due course (and short order) a backlog of blog entries dating to mid-2009 and updated through the present will be posted here. Stay tuned… 2010 September 8


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